Mindfully Happy with Littleanthony

Let’s begin this week off mindfully with the help of Nicola Edwards and Katie Hickey’s new book Happy

This children’s book of mindfulness is big and bright from the first page to the very last and I found it very hard to put it down! Each page is bursting with lots of colors and illustrations, plenty to help keep the imagination going while reading each encouraging page.

Happy helps children and dear I say it…adults find that mindful positivity in listening, feeling, relaxing, tasting, touching, discovering, smelling, loving, appreciating, breathing and in happiness.

Its pages are stunning and the story helps us to see happiness in the smallest of things. I’m so happy littleanthonyuk found this absolutely gorgeous book to share and to give!

Purchase your copy here and I will donate mine to the Middleton Libary for all to read and enjoy.

Listen to big anthony read this book on our YouTube channel here

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