The Bear in the Stars

By Alexis Snell

Littleanthonyuk: What is your book  ‘The bear in the stars about?

Alexis Snell: Its a story about a bear trying to find a new home as hers has been destroyed by climate change. 

Littleanthonyuk: During her journey to find better life conditions she came across disappointments and obstacles including not so nice humans but she never gave up, where do you think her inner strength came from?

Alexis Snell: I think small kindnesses make such a massive difference even when everything is looking pretty bleak. Ice cream also always helps!

Littleanthonyuk: Climate change is prevalent throughout the world and your book. Bear couldn’t escape it other than to join the stars above, I’m sure after reading this book children will want to know what they can do to help their world any suggestions?

Alexis Snell: Everybody can do their own little thing to help the planet, no matter how small you are.  Recycling, planting trees and plants to help wildlife, clearing rubbish from a beach.  

Littleanthonyuk: The illustrations are both breathtaking and magical, would you please share who or which places inspired these beautiful images to come to your mind and onto paper? So many animals in the world to choose from why choose a bear for your story?

Alexis Snell: Polar bears are very beautiful and the perfect symbol for the struggle of nature against climate change. 

Littleanthonyuk: What aspires you as a artist and writer ? 

Alexis Snell: Oh so many influences! Where to start… I have always loved Japanese and Russian prints, old tea tins and matchboxes. I love the illustrations by Carson Ellis and Jon Klassen, Dr Suess and Quentin Blake and so many others. 

Littleanthonyuk: What do you know now that you wish you’d known at the beginning of your writing  journey?

Alexis Snell: Oh I think you just have to throw yourself in to these things, it was hard but really fun, my publishers and agent were amazing at helping me to make the best book I could.

Littleanthonyuk: Where can my friends go to follow your journey of art and story?

Alexis Snell: On my Instagram page @alexissnellprintmaker or my agents website

Buy your very own copy of ‘The bear in the stars’ here on amazon!

A big thanks to Alexis Snell for taking time to chat with Littleanthonyuk

This book will be donated

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