Anthony’s Favorites

My hooman Jonie has dry afro curly hair and her favorite things so happen to be mine as well.

Our new favorite shampoo is called Social life for your hair by Larry King

Its refill container is in the shape of a tube of toothpast and is 180ml or 6.1fl oz

It says it will give…

  1. Volume
  2. Gloss
  3. Vitamin B5
  4. Natural Betaine & Wheat Protein
  5. Lots of Moisture

I can say that it certainly did give her hair lots of moisture that we could see and feel and lots of shine.

Jonie left it in for 15 min.

It’s clear and smooth and easy to distribute through the hair and you only need a small amount the size of a quarter or 25p coin to get you going and clean.

Bonus: It’s Vegan!

Sooooo we’re temporarily in love!

Cost £21 for the refill size and can be found here at Cultbeauty

Bear Hugs,


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