About me

Hey There!

My name is LittleAnthonyUk and I am so happy that you’re here!

I was born at the BuildABear Workshop located in Manchester, UK!

My hooman’s Anthony and Jonie were in a long distance relationship when big Anthony brought me home and had sent me to live in big ole New York with Jonie! Gratefully, I am now back in the UK with both of my hoomans together and I want to be able to put a smile on the faces of both children and adults alike more than anything.

I’ve already had a fantastic time creating smiles and encouraging positive mental health for children with these wonderful hooman beings,

Sarah Duchess of York – I have appeared on her Instagram account @storytimewithfergieandfriends and YouTube @Sarah Ferguson. You can see me in her Instagram posts and her storytime videos on YouTube!

Linda Beckett – Author of ‘What’s wrong with Arty’. Check out my Instagram for our Q&A! Her book encourages children to open up and speak about their troubles instead of holding it all in.

Come spend time with me @LittleAnthonyUK for my everyday fun and adventures.

Then come back here once every Monday for a new blog post about my latest plushie, book or toy finds!

Positive, encouraging posts on mental health, wellness and selfcare will always be sprinkled about!

My goal for you and your children is to leave my blog with smiles and good energy.

Meet my plushie friends!

With my special series, chatting with Anthony!

Thank you for joining my plushie family.

Bear hugs!!

Littleanthonyuk and Storytimewithfergieandfriends

Littleanthonyuk gives back read about it here!

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